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Estroxzen Ultra is a Premium Quality Female Enhancement supplement formulated to enhance sexual desire, climax, mood, and overall women's satisfaction in the bedroom.

  • BOOST YOUR SEXUAL DESIRE Fortified with 200 mg of L-Citrulline. This is sexual, yet highly effective for giving you more blood flow to needed areas. Estroxzen Ultra also contains Horny Goat Weed for increase sensitivity and Ashwagandha Root Extract to balance your hormones and boost your libido. Satisfaction never felt this good!

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It’s one of life’s natural pleasures, allowing us to experience mind-blowing orgasms and complete intimacy with those we love. But for many women, their sexual desires are dwindling for one of countless reasons.

Many women just accept their loss of libido as a side-effect of aging, but why should you stop receiving pleasure?

Our all-in-one capsules will boost your sexual desires and intensify your orgasms. After years of little sexual interest, it may be hard to believe that with one fingernail-sized supplement, your sex drive will come storming back, but it’s true! Our community of thousands of women has seen almost-immediate improvement in their libidos.

You’re probably wondering how it all works. After all, how could natural ingredients have such a dramatic effect? Our ingredients have been studied to have staggering sexual-enhancing properties for women. Our customers have had lots to say after trying Estroxzen Ultra - from their most intense orgasm yet, to a 180 in libido, and even shaking with pleasure after sex, our formula is an industry favorite for a reason.


Now, thrusting you into a world filled with amazing sex, intense orgasms, and click-and-it’s-there sexual desire would be enough, right? Well… maybe! But here at XZEN, we like to go above and beyond. We don’t just stop at that – our capsules naturally lubricate and increase blood supply in the genital area, so not only will you have a deep desire for intercourse, but it will be all the more pleasurable!

It’s all-natural! Unlike our competitors, our formula isn’t pumped full of chemicals. We’d never sell something we wouldn’t use ourselves, so we use only the best quality, natural, organic ingredients. See for yourself!

So, what makes Estroxzen Ultra work?

>  Vitamin B6 is known to have a positive effect on both your overall mood and sex hormone balance, as it decreases the production of prolactin – a libido-reducing hormone.

>  Potassium helps with blood pressure which can benefit your sexual parts and boost sexual performance. Remember, sex can be physically demanding, so your muscles need the right support!

>  Horny Goat Weed, also known as epimedium sp, is famous for its sexual enhancing properties, and can even help improve blood flow and sensitivity of the genital area.

>  Aswagandha Root Extract revitalizes your sexual health by reducing your stress hormones and promotes hormone balance which in turn boosts your libido. If your nervous system is responsible for your lack of sexual desire, this extract will be your kryptonite.

>  Diidolylmethane (DIM) promotes healthy estrogen metabolism, increases energy and mood levels, which helps increase sex drive.

>  DHEA improves libido and sexual satisfaction, by helping to make estrogen.

>  Piperine, also known as BioPerine, increasing the absorption rate by up to 30% of Estroxzen Ultra.

What are you waiting for? Give yourself the sex life you deserve, ONLY with Estroxzen Ultra.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Estroxzen Ultra for?
Estroxzen Ultra was designed to be used by women to enhance sexual activity.

What are the directions to take Estroxzen Ultra?
For best results it is recommended to take (2) capsules of Estroxzen Ultra on an empty stomach or light meal. Some individuals can take up to (3) capsules.

Are there any side-effects from taking Estroxzen Ultra?
None, that we are aware of.

Are there any contradictions with other medications?
Please consult a health care practitioner before using Estroxzen Ultra, if you are taking any medication or are being treated for any medical conditions.

What if Estroxzen Ultra does not work for me?
We offer a full 30 days refund from the day your order is shipped. If you are not 100% satisfied with your results, simply contact us via email at info@gx8labs.com to obtain an RMA number and send your unused portion for a full refund.

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